Aluminum Servo Arm



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  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Servo Arm
  • Fits Futaba 25T servo splines, as in the GS-5515MG metal gear servo supplied with our Viper Lifter Add-On, and the HXT12K metal gear servo.
  • Is a plastic servo arm the weak link in your robot? Beef it up with a metal arm!


  • 14.5mm (0.571in) from axis to first mounting hole.
  • Four mounting holes spaced 5.0mm (0.20in) apart.
  • Mounting holes are threaded for M2.5 pitch screws. Can be rethreaded for 4-40 or 6-32.
  • Arm Length: 37.3mm (1.47in)
  • Arm Width: 5mm (0.2in) small radius, 10mm (0.4in) large radius.
  • Arm Thickness: 2.5mm (0.10in), 5.0mm (0.20in)at hub.
  • Weight: 1.7grams (0.06oz)

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