FingerTech Clamping Drum Assembly

FingerTech Clamping Drum Assembly



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  • A simple, yet highly effective vertical spinner weapon assembly for your 1lb robot.
  • This weapon is the backbone of our Viper's Vertical Spinner Add-On.


  • Sized for the 1lb "Antweight" class.
  • Thickness: 17mm (0.67in)
  • Inside Diameter (motor can size): 27.7mm (1.09in)
  • Drum Diameter: 61.5mm (2.42in) tooth tip-to-tip
  • Drum Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Tooth Material: AR400 Steel
  • Total Weight: 42grams (1.48oz)


  • 2 - Clamping Drum Halves
  • 2 - AR400 Steel Teeth
  • 4 - 8-32 x 0.75in screws (Use thread-lock when assembling.)

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    As with anything related to combat robots, it is potentially dangerous to add a spinning weapon to a robot. Never power up the robot outside of a safety enclosure. Always use a safety lock and follow proper activation procedure.

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