Safety Clamp

Safety Clamp


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Combat robots are inherently dangerous and improper safety precautions can result in serious injury.
Your robot is required to have a safety locking device that prevents weapon activation. This very strong clamp can lock 1lb and 3lb spinning weapons.

- The jaw is 76mm (3in) deep and can open 51mm (2in) wide.
- A very high clamping force prevents the lock from falling off when moving your robot around.
- Single-handed operation.
- Note: "Remove Before Combat" tags not included.  

- Ensure your weapon lock hits the robot body to keep the blade from spinning. Test it by trying to rotate the weapon by hand. If you are able dislodge the clamp or rotate the weapon, find a better place to clamp.

- Weapon locks are the last thing removed when powering up the robot, after the transmitter and robot have been turned on.  This ensures that if a transmitter stick is in a dangerous state, the weapon will not be able to injure anyone.  Only remove the weapon lock once the robot is inside the arena or test box, and receiving proper transmitter signal.
- When the match is done, clamp the weapon lock back into place. Then you may power down the robot.



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