FingerTech F-Series Motor Upright Mount (pair)

FingerTech F-Series Motor Upright Mount (pair)



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  • Mount your F-Series brushless motor securely with an outboard support so it can really dish out the hits!
  • Includes two uprights; one to mount the motor, one to hold a roller bearing (sold separately).
  • These are used in Viper Vertical Spinner Add-On with the Clamping Drum Weapon.

Material: UHMW Polyethylene is not brittle and can absorb shocks
Length: 44.5mm (1.75in)
Height: 45.6mm (1.80in)
Motor Height: 33.2mm (1.31in) from base
Thickness: 6.35mm (0.25in)
Mounts to chassis via two 4-40 thread screws spaced 32.5mm (1.28in) apart
Four counterbored and countersunk holes for M3 flat head screws (if you have the vertical kit these were included with the kit)
A HK0408 4mm roller bearing presses into the upright opposite the motor screws to support the 4mm shaft.
Weight: 7 grams (0.25oz) each

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