Terminator Asymmetrical Blade - 6" - AR500


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Building on the success of the double sided Terminator we're proud to introduce the Asymmetrical Terminator. Effectively doubling engagement and hitting every bit as hard.  This is now the preferred blade on all our horizontals/undercutters.  In testing it hits HARD compared to standard blades and is now available in AR500 Steel!

  • Asymmetrical AR500 blade for maximum engagement. 
  • 6" effective diameter for maximum long reach.
  • Viper Compatible. 
    • Bolts on to Viper Horizontals but requires weight reduction to the chassis to get the bot under 1 pound.   
  • Longer reach than the standard Fingertech 5.5" bars.
  • Mounts with the FingerTech Blade Mount or your own custom mounting solution.
  • Note: since these are AR500 the finish is a little raw and not super smooth like the titanium counterpart. 

Material: AR500
Length: 6" (152.4mm) tip-to-tip (effective) 
Blade Thickness: 3.175mm (0.125in)
Bore: 10.0mm (0.394in)
Screw hole pattern: 19.05-25.4mm (0.75-1.0in) between 6-32 screws (matches FingerTech Blade Mount)
Weight: 96g 

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