N20 Motor Mount Kit for FingerTech Viper


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N20 Motor Mount kit for the FingerTech Viper Chassis.  

Need to save weight in your Viper, need to make extra room in the chassis?  Here ya go.   We've been running a variation of this mount on our Vipers for a couple years with great results.  After many requests we updated the design to kit form making it super user friendly and versatile.  


  • Save tons of weight to use for armor or weapon upgrades.
  • Works with both common N20 motor designs.
  • All hardware included.

We originally made these to save weight for better armor and make room in the Viper chassis for mods. 

A stock drive motor for the Viper weighs 29g.  These mounts weigh in at 4g.  A typical N20 weighs 8-10g making the total combo 12-14g.  When you swap out both sides that's a savings of 30-34g, OVER AN OUNCE!!

In addition to saving weight the mount fully supports the N20 body and gearbox and keeps it stable by holding it flush to the viper chassis.   It's compatible with our preferred 14mm closed gearbox N20s or the standard open gearbox N20s with the 12x10mm gearbox.  Both can swap in/out interchangeably.  

Included in Kit:

  • Pair of N20 Viper Mounts
  • Required hardware (4 screws for threaded holes in mount)
  • Alignment plate to drill holes in the chassis.  (3/32" drill bit required, not included)
  • Bonus: Pair of half size mounts that are even lighter at 2.5g.  Picture included in images.  All mounting holes are the same so you can swap back and forth.  
  • Install Instructions: Click Here for Most Recent Version



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