14mm N20 600rpm 6V Brushed Motor 50:1



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These are a tougher version of the usual 10x12mm square gearbox N20.  These have a 14mm fully enclosed gearbox.  We've tested them thru multiple events in antweights with promising results running them on 2s.  We've run them up to 9V reliably with a regulator but do not recommend them on 3s as they'll cook pretty quickly at that voltage.  

N20s save weight, space & cost over other standard antweight motors.  These 14mm variants are notably more durable than the standard N20s.  

We have a mount kit to use these in vipers that will be up on the site soon.  

    Specs for this motor/gearbox:

    • Ratio: 50:1
    • Weight (Motor/Gearbox): 10g
    • Length (Motor/Gearbox): 24.1mm
    • RPM: 600rpm @ 6V

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