FingerTech 3lb Beater Bar Electronics

FingerTech 3lb Beater Bar Electronics



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This Brushless Motor and ESC combo are perfect for spinning the FingerTech 3lb Beater Bar. Can be run on 7.4V or 11.1V for up to 16k RPM! Includes motor, mount, speed controller, and S3M pulley/belt.

Pulley reduction: 2:1
Beater bar speed @ 7.4V: 11,000RPM theoretical
Beater bar speed @ 11.1V: 16,500RPM theoretical
Total Weight: 145grams (5.11oz)
Beater bar/motor shaft center-to-center distance: 66.0mm (2.60in)

1 - FingerTech S2838-2970KV Brushless Inrunner Motor (includes bullet connectors for soldering to ESC)
1 - 28mm Motor Clamp Mount (Old style used M2.4x0.45 screws)
1 - MB30020 20A Brushless Speed Controller (built-in 2A 5V BEC)
1 - FingerTech 15T S3M Timing Pulley (bored to 1/8in to fit motor shaft)
1 - FingerTech 67T (201mm) Timing Belt
1 - 0.050" Hex Wrench for pulley

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