FingerTech S3M Timing Pulley, 15T - 1/8" Bore for Beater Bar Kit

FingerTech S3M Timing Pulley, 15T - 1/8" Bore for Beater Bar Kit



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This is a drop in replacement for the 15T pulley in the 3lb Beater Bar Kit.  It's already bored out to 1/8' for the weapon motor shaft.  

Fingertech specialty Timing Pulleys and Belts are the perfect solution for transmitting power from motors to wheels or shafts. While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys

A range of ten pulley sizes means there are 55 different ratio combinations to choose from! Use with our selection of FingerTech timing belts, or any other 3mm pitch belt (4mm wide or less).

  • S3M pitch (3mm high-torque)
  • Belt Width (maximum): 4mm
  • Sizes: 15 Teeth
  • Bore: 1/8" (3.175 mm)

Try our Pulley-Belt Distance Calculator!  Pick from our available pulley and belt sizes and it will tell you how far apart they will be, OR plug in your desired distance and it will tell you which belt to use!


  • Pitch (distance between tooth centers): 3mm
  • Belt Width (maximum): 4mm
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Sizes: 9 Teeth - 42 Teeth (see Size Chart for dimensions)
  • Bore: 3mm (9T, 15T and 16T can be drilled up to 5/32", larger pulleys can be drilled up to 1/4")
  • Includes 4-40 setscrew for fastening to shaft. Make sure your shaft has a flat spot. Make one yourself with a file if you have to! Setscrews do not hold well on round shafts.
  • Setscrew requires 0.050" hex wrench
# Teeth Pitch Diameter (for calculating centers) Outside Tooth Diameter Weight
9T 8.59mm (.338") 7.89mm (.313") 1.4g (0.05oz)
15T 14.32mm (.564") 13.56mm (.534") 3.3g (0.11oz)
16T 15.28mm (.602") 14.52mm (.572") 4.0g (0.13oz)
18T 17.19mm (.677") 16.43mm (.647") 5.3g (0.18oz)
22T 21.01mm (.827") 20.25mm (.797") 7.8g (0.28oz)
26T 24.83mm (.977") 24.07mm (.947") 10.5g (0.38oz)
30T 28.65mm (1.128") 27.89mm (1.098") 13.5g (0.48oz)
34T 32.47mm (1.278") 31.71mm (1.248") 16.3g (0.55oz)
38T 36.29mm (1.429") 35.53mm (1.399") 21.0g (0.73oz)
42T 40.11mm (1.579") 39.34mm (1.549") 26.3g (0.90oz)

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