FingerTech Official Banana for Scale

FingerTech Official Banana for Scale



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Using the FingerTech Official Banana For Scale, you and your friends can now post pictures without having to ask "Wait, is that a heavyweight or an antweight?"

Check the description for more things you can measure!

Originally a Limited Edition run for RoboGames 2018. They sold out later that year. By popular demand, we've done a second batch (bunch?) for 2020! Get them while they last!

"How long is this bolt?" (Answer: 2 inches)

"How wide is the gash Last Rites just ripped through my armor?" (Answer: 6 inches. Thanks Ray.)

"How happy am I to have this banana?" (Answer: THIS happy.)

"How many bananas is this actual banana?" (Answer: 1.15 Bananas)

 All these questions and more can now be answered quickly and easily using FingerTech's Official Banana For Scale!

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