FingerTech Flat Bearing Motor Mount (pair) BEARINGS INCLUDED



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  • Give your 16mm Spark Motors some outboard shaft support while providing a simple way to mount them to a wall panel.
  • 8 radial holes and symmetric 90 degree mount pattern allows 8 different motor mount angles so you can optimize the motor placement in your layout!

Height: 22.23mm (0.875in)
Width: 22.23mm (0.875in)
Thickness: 1.63mm (0.06in)
Weight: 1.5grams (0.05oz) each. 3mm Flanged Bearings add 0.33grams (0.01oz) each.
Chassis Mounting: Four countersunk 3.45mm (0.14in) holes spaced on a 15.88mm (0.625in) square for as large as 6-32 screws
Motor Mounting: Eight radial 2.44mm holes match the 11mm spaced 2-56 screw pattern on Spark Motors
Includes two 3mm shielded flanged ball bearings

To mount Spark Motors, use 2-56 x 1/8" screws.
To fasten mounts, use 6-32 screws for threaded chassis holes, or #6 Plastite screws for plastic chassis walls.

Add some extra support to your Viper's drive motors! Fasten the Flat Bearing Mounts to the outside of the Viper chassis using 3/16in long 2-56 screws.
Flat Bearing Mount on Viper

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