FingerTech Clamping Drum Teeth (pair)

FingerTech Clamping Drum Teeth (pair)



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A pair of replacement AR400 Steel impactor "Teeth" for the FingerTech Clamping Drum Weapon.


  • Dimensions:16.5x13.5x4.9mm (0.65x0.53x0.19in)
  • Mounting Holes: 4.5mm for 8-32 screws, spaced 8.5mm (0.33in) apart, 4.8mm (0.19in) from the edge.
  • Material: AR400 Steel
  • Weight: 6.7g (0.24oz) each tooth

Tip: Bevel the teeth so you are hitting the opponent with a sharp edge.  It will give a better bite and really send them flying!

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