3.5mm Switch / Charge Jack

3.5mm Switch / Charge Jack



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- Tired of removing your robot's armor after every match just so you can charge the batteries?
- This lightweight jack makes charging batteries as easy as plugging in a connector.
- Robots that draw less than 6A continuous can even use this as the main power switch!

Rated Current: 1A forever, 6A for 5min, 15A burst
Jack Dimensions: 13.3 x 11.3 x 7.5mm (0.53 x 0.45 x 0.295in)
Mounting hole: 6mm (0.23")
Wire length: 10cm (3.94in)
Connector: Female JST on the jack, Male JST on the plug
Jack Weight (with wires and connector): 4g (0.14oz)

For robots that draw >6A, you can still use this connector as a charge jack! In that case, we recommend using our Mini Power Switch between the battery and the robot. (Simply tape off and do no use the "BOT" lead in the below picture.)

Inserting the plug breaks the connection between the Battery and the Robot, turning it off. At the same time, it connects the Battery to the plug's Charge and Ground leads allowing the battery to be charged via the plug. Here is how the jack is wired:

Here is an example of the switch connected to our Mini Terminal Blocks for power distribution inside the robot.

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