FingerTech tinyESC v2

FingerTech tinyESC v2



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FingerTech tinyESCs pack the most power into the smallest package! They take up very little space but can handle more than enough motor current for your robots.

- Bi-directional brushed motor controller.
- Ultra-compact and lightweight.
- Undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemp reverse-polarity, and BEC protection.
- Internal BEC (battery eliminator circuit) provides 5V to receiver - no extra receiver battery required!
- Calibrate function allows precision driving.
- Status LEDs for both directions and calibration.

Revision History:

  • Version 2.6:  A code re-write from the bottom up has things running faster and smoother, with a more intuitive Calibration routine.
  • Version 2.5 does away with the calibration header and jumper. Now, to enter the calibrate routine at any time you simply short the calibrate pads. Short them once again when you are done and the routine saves and exits!
  • Version 2.4 introduced backwards-polarity protection - plugging a battery in backwards will not destroy a tinyESC! There is also now protection on the 5V receiver line so that other BECs will not affect the tinyESC - no need to disconnect the red wire anymore!

Fingertech tinyESC Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram

*The tinyESC includes a Battery Eliminator Circuit. If there is no 5V supply present on the robot, this will power the radio receiver from the main battery. There is a blocking diode in v2.4 and higher, so multiple tinyESC BECs can be run at once, along with one non-tinyESC BEC (like in a weapon motor controller).
*If you are controlling the tinyESC from a powered device (like Arduino, etc), there is now no worry about damaging the tinyESC from higher voltages.
*Includes 0.01uF capacitor. Solder between motor leads to filter motor noise and voltage spikes. (Not required for FingerTech Spark motors - they are high quality and do not generate dangerous voltage spikes.)

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