Terminator Weapon Blade - 6" Double Sided - Titanium


Palm Beach Bots

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The debut blade design from Palm Beach Bots; The Terminator is the preferred blade on all our horizontals/undercutters.  In testing it hits HARD compared to standard blades while coming in lighter making for faster spin-up and extra weight for other upgrades.  

  • Double sided titanium blade for killer contact.  
  • 6" diameter for maximum long reach.
  • Viper Compatible.  Direct replacement on Viper Horizontals.  
  • Lighter than both standard Fingertech bars.
    - 22g lighter than the 6" bar
    - 7g lighter than the 5.5" bar, and longer
  • Mounts with the FingerTech Blade Mount or your own custom mounting solution.
  • The weight savings allow more room for armor or other upgrades.   

Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Length: 6" (152.4mm) tip-to-tip
Blade Thickness: 3.175mm (0.125in)
Bore: 10.0mm (0.394in)
Screw hole pattern: 19.05-25.4mm (0.75-1.0in) between 6-32 screws (matches FingerTech Blade Mount)
Weight: 46g (1.6oz)

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