Playable Battle Robot Kit - Hammerhead - Wooden


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  • Passionate about combat robotics but not quite ready to compete in an arena? These playable battle robot kits are perfect for the young or young-at-heart to practice at home and have friendly battles!
  • These Playable Battle Robot Kits include everything you need to assemble and fight your own Battle Robot at home! Completely safe - the "weapons" will knock the opponents around but won't hurt small fingers.
  • Safe and fun to build. The electronics are plug-and-play, and the chassis is slotted and screwed together. No special tools needed!
  • Ages 5 and up. (We've had drivers as young as 3, but they aren't as interested in the building portion.)

Kit includes:

  • Lasercut basswood frame - can be colored or painted!
  • Drive motors and wheels
  • Weapon system
  • Electronics (motor controllers + radio receiver)
  • Robot battery and USB charger
  • Remote control with AAA batteries


  • Size: ~20x15cm (~8x6in)
  • Weight: ~320g each (~11oz)
  • Assembly Time: 15~45min with adult help
  • Hammerhead Install Instructions

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