GS-5515MG -15kg Standard Analog Servo (CW rotation) Not for Viper Lifter

GS-5515MG -15kg Standard Analog Servo (CW rotation) Not for Viper Lifter



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Input: 4.8V - 10.0V If your robot's battery is higher than 9V, simply run the servo power from a 9V regulator.


  • Type: Analog, 60° (±10°) of rotation, can be modified for continuous rotation
  • Direction: Clockwise is Pulse Travel 1500 to 1900 usec (so stick "Up" is clockwise) - If you need this servo to turn the opposite direction, simply reverse your transmitter channel
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 20mm (1.57" x 1.57" x 0.79") Weight: 62g (2.19oz)
  • Construction: All metal gears, double ball bearing
  • Accepts 25T Futaba-splined servo arms. If the servo will be taking impacts, consider a Servo Saver to protect the gears!

Performance Info:

  • 9.0V
    • Speed: 0.20 sec/60 degrees
    • Stall Torque: 20kg-cm
    • Stall (oz-in): 250oz-in
    • Idle Current: 450mA
    • Avg Current: 1.2A
    • Stall Current: 2.6A
  • 7.4V (2s)
    • Speed: 0.24 sec/60 degrees
    • Stall Torque: 18kg-cm
    • Stall (oz-in): 214oz-in
    • Idle Current: 350mA
    • Avg Current: 1.0A
    • Stall Current: 2.2A
  • 6.0V
    • Speed: 0.28 sec/60 degrees
    • Stall Torque: 15kg-cm
    • Stall (oz-in): 173oz-in
    • Idle Current: 300mA
    • Avg Current: 0.8A
    • Stall Current: 1.8A
  • 4.8V
    • Speed: 0.31 sec/60 degrees
    • Stall Torque: 13kg-cm
    • Stall (oz-in): 139oz-in
    • Idle Current: 250mA
    • Avg Current: 0.65A
    • Stall Current: 1.6A

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