FingerTech S3M Timing Belt 171mm, 57T



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Timing pulleys and belts are the best way to transmit power from your motor to drive wheels or a spinning weapon.
While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

A range of thirty-two belt sizes allows you to design your robot then pick a belt, rather than the other way around!
Use with FingerTech S3M pulleys, or any other 3mm pitch pulley.
•S3M pitch (3mm high-torque)
•Width: 4mm
•Circumferences: 120mm (40T) - 408mm (136T).

Try our Pulley-Belt Distance Calculator!  Pick from our available pulley and belt sizes and it will tell you how far apart they will be, OR plug in your desired distance and it will tell you which belt to use!


Pitch (distance between tooth centers): 3mm
Width: 4mm
Material: Chloroprene Rubber with Fiberglass reinforcement
Tensile strength: 19-25MPa
Max load: 360 Newtons
Weight (smallest to largest): 1 - 4g (0.04 - 0.14oz)

Circumference, # of Teeth:

120mm, 40T
129mm, 43T
144mm, 48T
150mm, 50T
165mm, 55T
171mm, 57T
177mm, 59T
180mm, 60T
189mm, 63T
192mm, 64T
195mm, 65T
201mm, 67T
207mm, 69T
210mm, 70T
222mm, 74T
231mm, 77T
246mm, 82T
255mm, 85T
264mm, 88T
276mm, 92T
288mm, 96T
300mm, 100T
312mm, 104T
321mm, 107T
339mm, 113T
375mm, 125T
378mm, 126T
384mm, 128T
390mm, 130T
396mm, 132T
402mm, 134T
408mm, 136T

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